My Town 2

My Town 2 is a mobile game where you are the Mayor of your own town. You must build residences to support your population as well as businesses. Building requires in game coins and takes real world time. As with many freemium games you can purchase in game currency to speed up game play.
My Town 2 is a simple freemium mobile game I play from time to time. Its kind of like Sim City but since its a freemium Tiny Tower like game, time is a factor and you can purchase in game currency to speed things up.

I wanted to post an recent image of my town "Mos Eisley" above and let you know a secret I found. I don't believe you need to build roads in My Town 2. I mean, you can in fact build roads but I haven't built any roads at all save what came with my town and nothing bad has happened.

I believe roads are simply for looks because none of my citizens or businesses suffer because I don't build roads. One benefit to not building roads is you have more room to build... Read All

Today someone randomly found my town and gave me some coins. Thank you stranger, I couldnt find your town to reciprocate though.

After I picked up my iPhone 4S one of my friends let me know about a game he played called My Town 2. Its kind of like Zinga's Cityville except to my eye less annoying.

My city is "Mos Eisley" and I am currently level 14. Its pretty fun to have a game on your phone where you can sink a few minutes a day on. I mostly spend my time collecting rent from buildings and do a few of the quests from time to time.

Saw another of my friends towns today and her town is WAY more elaborate than mine. She has a Casino and the Playboy Mansion. Its pretty cool to know you can at least keep it going to a certain point. She did mention that she hit the level cap I think it was 50.