My Town 2 is a simple freemium mobile game I play from time to time. Its kind of like Sim City but since its a freemium Tiny Tower like game, time is a factor and you can purchase in game currency to speed things up.

I wanted to post an recent image of my town "Mos Eisley" above and let you know a secret I found. I don't believe you need to build roads in My Town 2. I mean, you can in fact build roads but I haven't built any roads at all save what came with my town and nothing bad has happened.

I believe roads are simply for looks because none of my citizens or businesses suffer because I don't build roads. One benefit to not building roads is you have more room to build other stuff. Since you need to expand your town and that takes money, you can save money and time by not building a single road.

At least I did it that way and my citizens don't seem to mind it one bit.