by Zachtronics Industries

Developed by Zachtronics Industries
On steam sale for $3.39! It's one of the best puzzlers ever made, and it has tons of replay value. I've put a hundred hours into it and haven't beaten it.

I rarely push games like this, but this is special and cheap (I think I bought it for $15)

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Do you like puzzle games? They you might like this. Don't be fooled though, this isn't really a puzzle game. It is much more than that.

This game tricks you into being an engineer. It starts out all cute with these simple little puzzles, and 10 0hours in you're managing multiple plants, multiple processes, matching inflow with outflow, all while shooting lasers at giant floating pyramid.

I've never really been able to pick up coding, but I have a feeling that this game kind of feels like that. You are given a task and you begin to put together different little tricks that you have learned in order to complete that task. When you find out that your old methods... Read All

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