Monsters Invade Oz is a brand new iOS free to play mobile game from LittleBox Apps. This Pokemon influenced game allows you to play as Dorthy making your way through Oz all in the pursuit of Pokemon influenced Monster collection.

The game features a very detailed hand drawn ascetic that I really came to enjoy. Dorthy, Toto and the Monsters are all drawn well to the credit to the games artists. I found the visual makeup of Oz to not be on the same par and found it a little cold. Occasionally the land features a little Gnome or apparent NPC and at first I figured this was something I could interact with but it was just scenery. In fact, most of the Oz backdrop is this... Read All

Monsters Invade: Oz is a upcoming game that brings the Wub, Wub to all the monster loving people in the world. The video showcases a few concepts and hints and what could be a very interesting game. Boasting such features as monster breeding, fully explorable world and hand drawn art this touch game looks really neat.

Hopefully they will let us know if you can befriend these monsters and become one of them thereby allowing yourself the ability to sink underneath your bed and enter the monster world where the place is trashed but you can do whatever you want while being befriended by a blue horned Howie Mendell. Or I might be thinking of some other monster thing.... Read All