I never owned the original Duck Tales NES game, but I used to rent it pretty often. Most Fridays my mom and I would head to the local video store, where we would get a couple of movies and a game. Duck Tales became my fallback game. If I couldn't find something I was interested in, at least there was Duck Tales. It's not like that was a consolation prize, either. I was always excited to get it home and play it again.

So when I heard that Capcom was remastering this game, getting in the voice actors from the series, but keeping the core mechanics, I was thrilled.

The nine-year-old me loves this game. The nine-year-old me is wondering why I bothered going to... Read All

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"From the San Diego Comic-Con showfloor, right next to a scale recreation of Scrooge McDuck's famous Money Bin, Chris and Brett bring you a full blown look at the latest level revealed for DuckTales: Remastered: THE HIMALAYAS!"

Every time I see game play from the new DuckTales Remastered I get more excited. The Himalaya level was pretty awesome and they really have put a high level of polish on it. My top two levels were the Moon and The Amazon and I can't wait to jump in and play them again in HD.

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