Back in August of 2013 I wrote about the new Kickstarter for Death Road To Canada and quickly after that I backed the Kickstarter. After that I interviewed the creator of the game and then dug in to wait for the games launch. The game finally launched in 2016 and it was added to my backlog of games to play. Since the games launch they have updated it considerably and the game seems to be even more widely praised by it's fans so I decided to jump in and give it a shot.

Death Road To Canada is a very well polished rogue like zombie bashing road trip game that pays homage to the Oregon Trail and the Ninja Turtles arcade game. Like most rogue likes you die... a... Read All

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As I was frolicking in the Indie Mega Booth I made my way to the Indie Mini Booth, the booth inside the Indie Mega Booth. I am wondering if next year they will feature the Micro Booth inside the Mini Booth inside the....

One game that seriously caught my eye is Death Road to Canada. I was able to talk to the developer of the game for some time and nabbed a cool Death Road Zombie pin. The game is a great looking procedural road trip pixel zombie game featuring some really neat elements. The Kickstarter video shows them off well and also includes a CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT from Tarn Adams co-creator of Dwarf Fortress.

Love the premise of the game and I can't wait... Read All

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