You wake up one morning to a town full of strangers and inexplicable sights. You share your home with your not so perfect family and your supposed fiancee lives next door. Then you are plunged into a nightmare! Your fiancee is missing and you find a hideous bloody skull and spinal chord draped across her bed! Is it hers? What is going on? The only clue left behind is an engraved invitation for you to enter...

Greetings Ghosts,

It’s been a long time since our last give-away contest. We are partnering up with our friends at Night Dive Studios to give away Harvester, the most violent adventure game of all time!

All you need to do to enter this contest is comment on this post. On May 3rd, we will choose 3 people that have commented, purely at random, assigning a numerical value to each entry and using random.org to determine the winners.

We're also giving away a copy on Steam Gifts, so head over there and throw your hat in the ring as well:

We are doing this contest with our awesome friends at Night Dive Studios. They are always up... Read All

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