In Skullduggery! you will be issued your own Semi-Organic Autonomous Skull to propel yourself through the bowels of the Underworld.

Skullduggery is a fun platformer where you fling your skull around the afterlife collecting loot. ClutchPlay Games were nice enough to give me an advance copy and I am happy to report the game is really fun. I am only yet a few levels in and it's already hitting a good stride between challenging, fun and addicting. If you love to collect every little bit of loot, Skullduggery will keep you very entertained.

Skullduggery ships with 4 stages "The Skullcademey," "Bonewalk Empire," "Pyramid Schemes" & "Village of the Scammed." Each stage contains 8 levels and tracks all the collectables and stuff you can get in each level. Skullduggery also ships with a flashy new iOS... Read All

A few months ago I dropped the release trailer for the local Portland developer ClutchPlay's game, Skullduggery. Skullduggery is a mobile game where you play a tax collector for the underworld. This new gameplay footage trailer shows off how the basic game functions as well as more advanced moves like head-shots. The game is uniquely disturbing as you use your brain like a rubber band to rocket the skull around the screen to collect coins and accomplish goals.

Skullduggery was one of the PAX 10 selected for this years PAX Prime, which is pretty awesome so if you talk to anyone from ClutchPlay make sure to congratulate them.
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This world runs on money and taxation, so why shouldn't death be the same? Skullduggery takes a firm stand on the afterlife in what looks to be a really awesome jaunt into the afterlife. In Skullduggery you play a skull HELL BENT on collecting the unpaid debts of criminal deadbeats.

I first heard about Skullduggery from Hagen, one of my friends working on the game.

Skullduggery will launch this year on iOS and Android and I am excited to fling my skull around to collect debts. Because, you know, that would be totally awesome.