Skullduggery is a fun platformer where you fling your skull around the afterlife collecting loot. ClutchPlay Games were nice enough to give me an advance copy and I am happy to report the game is really fun. I am only yet a few levels in and it's already hitting a good stride between challenging, fun and addicting. If you love to collect every little bit of loot, Skullduggery will keep you very entertained.

Skullduggery ships with 4 stages "The Skullcademey," "Bonewalk Empire," "Pyramid Schemes" & "Village of the Scammed." Each stage contains 8 levels and tracks all the collectables and stuff you can get in each level. Skullduggery also ships with a flashy new iOS Cloud save/load feature which will sync up your game progress so if you get a new phone or need to wipe it, your game is saved.

Skullduggery will drop on iPhone and iPad on October 9th.