Star Mazer

Developed by Imagos Softworks

Starr Mazer blends two classic genres, the Point-and-Click Adventure and Classic-style Shoot ‘Em Up, into a retro-sexy sci-fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open-middled gameplay and RPG elements.

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Star Mazer is a game new to Kickstarter that mixes up elements from Gradius, Space Ace & Maniac Mansion to create a really interesting looking game. They are looking to raise $160k and have a bit over $60k of that so if you are interested in seeing this happen, now wouldn't be a bad time to Kickstart it.

Games like this live and die on the story and tone and Star Mazer seems to have that in spades. The game will launch when it's done and the developers plan to have it out on PC, Mac and Linux as well as other platforms, funding depending.

"Starr Mazer is more than a collection of Point-and-Click segments, Shoot 'em up (SHMUP) segments and cut-scenes. The world is... Read All