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Star Mazer is a game new to Kickstarter that mixes up elements from Gradius, Space Ace & Maniac Mansion to create a really interesting looking game. They are looking to raise $160k and have a bit over $60k of that so if you are interested in seeing this happen, now wouldn't be a bad time to Kickstart it.

Games like this live and die on the story and tone and Star Mazer seems to have that in spades. The game will launch when it's done and the developers plan to have it out on PC, Mac and Linux as well as other platforms, funding depending.

"Starr Mazer is more than a collection of Point-and-Click segments, Shoot 'em up (SHMUP) segments and cut-scenes. The world is seamless. You’ll walk into the Holloway-Exeter docking bay, board the Starr Wolf and control the flight sequence, blasting off to space. You’ll be bargaining deals at the bar in order to afford repairs and upgrades to your Starr Wolf and using information gleaned from characters to find hidden routes while flying between destinations. Be careful which passing enemies you attack, as not all are foes, and a few could have dire consequences. Even while facing the charging death beam of a G'ell cannon, use your charisma to dodge bullets."

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 01/27/2015 at 06:42am

I also noticed that a Mega Man alum, Virt (Shovel Knight composer), and The Protomen are contributing to the soundtrack, so you know the soundtrack will be awesome!

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 01/28/2015 at 03:03am

Yep. Looks like they have a pretty good roster of Indie greats on the score.

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