Knuckle Sandwich

Developed by Brophy

Knuckle Sandwich follows the story of a young man who moves out of home and starts working at a rundown diner. Almost immediately after landing the job, people start to go missing around town and a peculiar cult appears looking for answers.

Cough. Yeah, well you know I couldn't really help making that pun so... anyways, let's not count this too far against me ok? Anyways, oh right Knuckle Sandwich is a great new upcoming RPG game from Indie developer Andrew Brophy that just dropped on Steam Greenlight.

"Knuckle Sandwich is an adventure / rpg thing where you play as a young man who starts working at a run down diner. His job sucks and his boss isn't much chop either! Luckily, people from around town start to go missing and a hella mysterious cult appears and they're looking for someone who seems dangerous.

Wait, no - that's not lucky, that's bad!

It's not up to you to get to the bottom of this mystery, but... Read All