Potions: A Curious Tale

by Stumbling Cat

Developed by Stumbling Cat

Potions: A Curious Tale is an adventure-crafting game where your wits are your greatest weapons and combat is not always the answer. Encounter fairy tale characters and stories from around the world as you play as Luna, a young witch who overcomes obstacles with the potions she brews.

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Being part of the Portland Indie Game scene is great in that you can meet really interesting developers working on unique projects. Last year I met Renee and played an early build of Potions: A Curious Tale and was really impressed with it. Potions is an adventure game where you explore the vast forest and search for ingredients for your brews. For me, Potions is a fun game in that when I played it I couldn't stop collecting items and progressing through the forest. The lack of focusing on combat was shockingly refreshing and it made the world feel more alive. Fighting is such a staple of any modern adventure game that not focusing on it felt strange and surprisingly... Read All