Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (LIGHTSPEED EDITION)

by Massive Damage, Inc.

Developed by Massive Damage, Inc.

A retro space strategy RPG with base building, deep tactical combat, crew management and emergent storytelling. Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is a massively enhanced version of the Award Winning indie strategy RPG, Halcyon 6.

It doesn't feel like we've experienced 19 Humble Indie Bundles over the years but the fact is that we have. I remember when the Humble Bundle came on the scene with World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Penumbra: Overture, Lugaru HD & Samorost 2 and no Steam keys. In fact, getting Steam keys didn't make sense to me as why would anyone use Steam if they had a DRM free download? Times have changed but the Humble Indie Bundle is still going strong and the 19th edition looks to be quite good.

I haven't played any of the games in this bundle, which is good, but from what I know of the games included and what's more my style the top of the bundle seems to be Halcyon 6 Lightspeed... Read All