Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

by Analgesic Productions

Developed by Analgesic Productions

Play as Nova, the Nano Cleaner, who is tasked with collecting dangerous Nano Dust growing throughout New Theland, which then must be returned for recycling to a mysterious entity, only known as the "Center".

Walk or ride across a lush, moody 3D world. Discover strange characters and places. Shrink into characters and collect Nano Dust through 2D, vignette-style gameplay, reminiscent of Anodyne and more.

Discover the true nature of the Nano Dust, Nova, and The Center, in the latest game from Analgesic Productions.

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I've been eagerly anticipating the launch of Anodyne 2 as I adored the original game. Anodyne 2 is out now and is getting very solid reviews. Anodyne 2 mixes up the early Playstation / N64 era graphics with the 2D sprite feel of the original Anodyne for a very original take on the genre. That said, with development going strong on Tale of the White Wyvern when am I going to have time to play this? Realistically not for quite some time, but if anyone does play this let me know what you think. You know... vicarious living... it's a thing when you're busy.

"Nano Dust infects the islanders of New Theland, distorting their emotions and desires. You play as Nova, a Nano... Read All

Anodyne is a 2D Zelda-like that released back in 2013 right at the top of the Indie game craze. After launch it became a Cheerful Ghost favorite and I don't think any game has come out since that has taken a run at the Zelda-like in quite the same way. After Even the Ocean the developers decided to head back to create Anodyne 2: Return to Dust which merges the Playstation & Nintendo 64 era 3D with the original 2D graphics of the original Anodyne. It looks to be the perfect follow up and now will be launching August of 2019 on Mac and PC on Steam.

"Nano Dust infects the islanders of New Theland, distorting their emotions and desires. You play as Nova, a Nano Cleaner... Read All

I thought Anodyne was one of the coolest Indie games to come out in 2013 and was happy to hear Anodyne 2 is in development. Recently developers Analgesic Productions have released more details of the game and one big one featured in the linked video above, is the ability to switch between 3D and 2D game modes. The 2D game graphics are in the style of the original game and the 3D looks very reminiscent of early Playstation or Nintendo 64 games.

"Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is coming early 2019 for Windows and Mac OSX. Much like Final Fantasy, there's no need to play Anodyne 1 to understand Anodyne 2's story, but longtime fans will find connections to Anodyne 1! It's also... Read All

Anodyne was the Indie Zelda-like released in 2013 that was a fan favorite on Cheerful Ghost during that time. I love the game so much we did a couple interviews with the studio that made the game(linked below). They released a follow up to Anodyne called Even The Ocean to great reviews and recently dropped news of an Anodyne sequel Anodyne 2: Return to Dust. It looks to harken back to the Nintendo 64 3D era which really works for the tone of the game and feels like a proper Anodyne follow up.

For me Anodyne wasn't just an awesome Indie game it also contains one of the best game soundtracks around. I listen to it still and the music is so iconic to me it sort of... Read All