I feel like I'm 11 again and just automatically love anything TMNT related lol.

Granted, the Turtles get blown away by the real Leo, Don, Raph and Mikey, but it's still rad!

And I love the inside joke/puns throughout the rap.

Enjoy this Monday morning!

I have many awesome childhood memories of spending tons of quarters playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game. I remember when the game was new and it was always full up with kids playing it at Chuck E Cheese and other local arcades. I loved getting my cousins and friends on the four player arcade cabinet and having enough quarters to get to the Technodrome and defeat Shredder. I think there were a few versions of this arcade game over the years because I remember the final boss being Shredder in some and Krang in others.

I preferred playing as Donatello as he had the longest reach or if he was taken, Michelangelo because he seemed to attack quickly. Not... Read All


Sure, this game was impossible without the Konami Code, but still, this song brings back fond memories...