Plants VS Zombies is one of the best games to come out of 2009. For me it really kicked the tower defense genre back into gear and solidified PopCap as a solid studio that made incredible games. That is until EA bought them and then things changed... but for a time PopCap made some of the best casual computer games well before the mobile craze hit.

If you wanted to experience Plants VS Zombies for the first time or maybe come back at it again you can get the Game of the Year Edition free on EA Origin. When PvZ originally hit I played the demo and immediately went out to buy it from the store, you know back when people did that but now it's even easier and it's totally... Read All

Do you want to hand out more than just candy to the kiddies this year for Halloween? How about printing off these Plants VS Zombies "Stop Zombie Mouth" coupons so the kids can get a free version of PvZ for Halloween?

Why can't more game companies do this? Its a fun idea and I imagine some people I hand the coupon to won't have played the game before. Totally great advertising if a new Plants VS Zombies might been soon around the corner!

Oh and maybe if you used a coupon to get a copy yourself, that might be OK too? Shhhhhh, it might not just be for kids! Read All

This game wasn't launched on the iPhone but its perfect on a handheld touchscreen. Often before bed I play a level of this and its perfect in that pick-up and play setting. Ive noticed that since I played it PopCap has added quite a bit to it to spice it up.

They added the Zen Garden from the PC version and added new play types like puzzle where I have so far unlocked "i, zombie" and another mini game called "ZomBotany."

"i, zombie" is rad as you take you turn as the zombies attacking cardboard cut outs of the plants. "ZomBotany" is a mode where the zombies are fused with plants as they attack you.

There seem to be many other unlockables I can get by collecting tons of... Read All

So in my second play through I'm changing up my play strategy a bit. Putting the sunflowers ahead of my peashooters as a natural defense in the beginning.

So in the first back 2 rows pea shooters, 2 two rows next sunflowers. Then(because it's still early game) mines and walnuts. I just unlocked the flytrap which is always fun :)

PvZ 2? Yes please.

A bit ago I heard about Plants VS Zombies and downloaded the demo. After playing the game for 2 hours I went to the store and bought the box copy. It was $20 and I could install it on my Mac and PC. A few weeks later I picked it up on the iPhone for $2.99 and proceeded to beat it on the iPhone. Plants VS Zombies is awesome on mobile. Recently installed it on my 4S and started playing it again.

PvZ is an awesome game. My only real complaints about the are a few fold.

1. I find it a bit too easy. I wish there was a hardness setting so it was more challenging. Occasionally you have to change up the strategy a bit but for the most part, its too easy. Hopefully in 2.0 they can... Read All