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If you want to play Duck Hunt on a modern LCD TV the Modern Mallard Kickstarter might be the ticket. It requires you to mod your light gun & game cart for it to work and the base pledge is $129. It's a super incredible project but... I got a CRT TV for $10 and it works awesome with Duck Hunt. Still, if you want to HD all the things this is a really compelling option.

"Well, you can't play Duck Hunt anymore with your NES: it doesn't work on modern flat-screen TVs. You need an old, bulky tube (CRT) TV to play. The Zapper can't "see" modern TVs, and modern TVs have enough delay on their inputs to confuse the game. You're out of luck.

Until now.

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Like many of us YouTuber Lazy Game Reviews(LGR) is a fan of the original NES Duck Hunt. Sad that the NES light gun doesn't work on modern LCD panel TV's but if you keep an old 4x3 around the house you can shoot 8-bit ducks to your hearts content. In his latest video LGR talks a bit about his love for the original Duck Hunt and reviews a bunch of other Duck Hunt clones, most on the PC. Results vary but one thing remains true... The original Duck Hunt is the kind of Duck shooter games.