This last weekend at Portland Retro Game Expo we had a Marble Madness High Roller Score Tournament. I decided to run with Marble Madness for the score tournament on NES because I think that's one of the best ports of Marble Madness and also because the game is really unique. Marble Madness is a game where you roll a marble around an obstacle course and it only has 6 levels. I'm a huge proponent of small games and Marble Madness is a really great example of that and is also a fun game to watch a speedrun of. That said, it has been sometime since I played Marble Madness and I forgot about the magic wand.... which actually is supposed to help you, unless you are... Read All

Ben Paddon reviews a very specific port of Marble Madness packed in with Klax on the Game Boy Advance. As always the video drops some history on Game Boy Advance and several others games ported to it. Oh yeah and Ben doesn't actually recommend you get Marble Madness on the GBA as it's ... terrible. I can vouch for the NES port though, that one seems quite good and that's the one i've played the most as my cousin had in on Nintendo and we played it a lot.