Mega Man on DOS is a unique game in the Mega Man series that seems entirely disavowed by Capcom. It's a Mega Man game with a very interesting story and the Gaming Historian recently brought that story to his channel. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Mega Man for DOS even though I could honestly never get past the intro part with the dogs.

If you are looking for more Mega Man on DOS fun check out this incredible speedrun by Lizstar at AGDQ 2019. Not only does it feature the infamous Mega Man on DOS but Lizstar crushes the run at a blistering 10:50 minutes and doesn't get killed by the dog right away!

Mega Man Maker is a really fun fan project where you can create your own Mega Man levels to share. The project just released a huge 1.4 update and it looks to bring Mega Man 6 & 7 content to the game. Mega Man Maker has a solid and growing community and if you are interested in checking this out it seems like a good time for it. So far Capcom hasn't sent any legal takedowns to the project and hopefully it doesn't as this is a really amazing fan project that I hope can live on long into the future.

Mega Man Maker is available for free on the website linked below and runs on PC.

Read all about the 1.4 update on the Mega Man Maker forums:

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Mega Man has been ported to nearly every system and in this episode of PortsCenter Ben Paddon talks about them. I didn't know which versions were ports and which were emulated but Ben does and it makes sense when he shows the graphics side by side with the originals. The recent Anniversary Collection on Steam seems to review well but some people note some input lag on those versions but that doesn't seem to show up for everybody.

I wonder if Capcom will just release all of the Mega Man games in one pack on Steam at some point? Hopefully Dr Wright can get them to do that.

Mega Man I-VI are coming to Android and iOS this January. Don't misunderstand me, I really have fond memories of Mega Man 2 and 3 but I'm not sure how well these games will play on a phone? I suppose the controls are fairly simple but Mega Man has a fairly tight control scheme so i'm a bit concerned the translation will be worthwhile. Still, accessing these classics in a new way is a good thing and I hope they will be great ports.