Mega Man X is a well loved Super Nintendo game and as such has a dedicated community and was included as one of the games in the recent Super Nintendo Classic lineup. Because of it's status as one of the better entries in the Mega Man franchise, NES Complex dives in and takes another look in an all new retrospective video. The video briefly touches on the original NES Mega Man games and what X may have looked like if the series creator drew him the way he wanted. Spoiler alert, I like what they went with instead.

We've known for a bit that the Mega Man X collections were coming and now we have the release date, July 24th! If you have a Switch and want every classic Mega Man game the Legacy Collection is coming and now both X Collections as well! I still have yet to take up Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo classic but after I wear out Mega Man 2, i'll get over to it. That said, I have NO idea when that will be as I honestly enjoy just replaying Mega Man 2.

That said...

"The entire X series dashes onto Nintendo Switch! Mega Man X Legacy Collection contains side-scrolling classics Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, and Mega Man X4. Continue the adventure with Mega Man X Legacy... Read All
There's a joy to be had in perfection through simplicity. The kind of perfection that comes without dizzying highs. Revolution over evolution, etc. That's what I think of when I think of Mega Man X.

Mega Man 2 was my first NES game (along with SMB and, puke, Operation Wolf) and my imagination was ignited by the setting and concept. There's something elemental to the idea of killing an enemy to get his power. It's why ancient tribes ate the hearts of their enemies. This game allows you eat metallic heart after metallic heart until you have the power of a dozen tribes. Mega Man X perfected what Mega Man 2 started and that's why we chose it for the first episode of Watch... Read All