YouTuber Pannenkeok2012 has made one of the more interesting videos i've seen in quite some time that covers everything there is to know about character's blinking in Mario 64. Apparently not all character's in Mario 64 blink but the ones that do are somewhat diverse. For instance Goomba's have two eye states with eyes open and closed yet Mario has 3 eye states of eyes open, eyes partially closed and eyes fully closed.

You can also check out more Pannenkeok2012 videos that focus on other interesting things related to Mario 64 like in game pause buffering and what happens when you talk to Yoshi with negative lives.

To kick off Retro Tuesday I wanted to talk about a game I have been playing recently with my wife. There are not many generes of games my wife and I can agree to playing together save puzzle games and the occasional Mario Kart level. Recently we decided to un-box the N64 and play Dr. Mario and played a few competitive matches.

I consider Dr. Mario practically a perfect game. I hesitantly compare it to Tetris as Tetris literally is a perfect game, but Dr. Mario is a close second to it in my mind to perfect puzzle games. The original NES cart was well done too, top notch music, game mechanics and concept. The 64 game adds on the original by allowing 4 player matches,... Read All

So fun to play with a group. I love the tetris feel with extra goals. Fun!!!