To kick off Retro Tuesday I wanted to talk about a game I have been playing recently with my wife. There are not many generes of games my wife and I can agree to playing together save puzzle games and the occasional Mario Kart level. Recently we decided to un-box the N64 and play Dr. Mario and played a few competitive matches.

I consider Dr. Mario practically a perfect game. I hesitantly compare it to Tetris as Tetris literally is a perfect game, but Dr. Mario is a close second to it in my mind to perfect puzzle games. The original NES cart was well done too, top notch music, game mechanics and concept. The 64 game adds on the original by allowing 4 player matches, different kinds of competitive play and a story mode.

As we were playing Dr. Mario we played a few matches of Flash mode quite a bit. To win flash mode all you need to do is clear all the viruses that flash on the screen. Seems simple but often times the flashing viruses are really buried deep on higher levels it can get tricky.

Dr. Mario has seen a few incarnations since its 64 days with a Gameboy Advance port as well as a Wii Downloadable only port. I never picked it up on Wii because I have an aversion to downloadable only titles on console. I sort of wonder how the version on Wii turned out as this year I picked up Tetris Party Deluxe on sale as it was originally Wii download only but later moved to a disc release and it was very good.

That said, Dr. Mario 64 is an amazing game and there isn't much reason for a modern port. It looks good in full screen mode on my TV and plays just as well. Recently I caught a real bug and wished it were as simple as dropping a few pills on the viruses to get rid of it. Oh well, real live antibodies to the rescue.