If you didn't know, Nintendo is licensing some Wii games for release in China by Nvidia on it's Nvidia Shield system. Essentially these are emulation/rebuilds of the games running on modern hardware you can download to play on the Shield in China only. DigitalFoundry has been downloading these games and running them through the paces and it seems like Twilight Princess is a bit more than just a Wii port. It does show that these games run incredibly well on the Shield paving the way for a possible re-release on the Switch as both systems share very similar hardware.

I'd love to see a bunch of Wii games get ported to the Switch, what about you?

Nintendo is releasing The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD on Wii U tomorrow and have also put out a 3 part retrospective series interviewing the developers. Part one is embedded above and discusses the initial E3 fan reaction as well as amount of work it was to launch the game. Twilight Princess originally launched on GameCube and Wii and did many things not seen in a Zelda title before such as mounted attacks and some impressive graphical improvements among other things. Twilight Princess also brought the series back to a more realistic look which some feel was missed in Wind Waker.

If you are interested in checking out the retrospective start with the video... Read All

This new comparison video shows off just how well the new Twilight Princess HD will look on the Wii U. Nintendo isn't just bringing the game to the Wii U in HD but also adding some new features as well.

Twilight Princess HD drops March 4th on the Wii U and if you want to know of some more features coming to the game checkout the Cheerful Ghost article.


The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD remake is dropping on the Wii U March 4th to flex your HD TV. You can buy the remake digitally, single game or a special game+Link Amiibo collectable that...

"Using the Wolf Link amiibo at a certain place will allow you to play “Thorough Battle: Trial of the Beast” (perhaps this is the Twilight Cave we heard about last week). If you clear this while owning the “Giant Wallet”, you’ll earn the “Bottomless Wallet”. This lets you hold up to 9,999 Rupees, compared to Giant Wallet’s maximum of 1,000. The leak also mentions something about how Link’s health inside normal dungeons can be recovered by the amount of hearts you preserved... Read All