I just received the following email. Game Developer magazine is shutting down... That's the end of an era for me.


Dear Subscriber,

After over 19 years of disseminating the best strategies around the art, science and business of video games, our hearts are heavy to announce that, as of July 2013, Game Developer magazine will stop printing its print and digital editions, and transition to become a section on (We plan to gradually reprint many of the best magazine articles there, and hope to continue posting new columns from some of our regular writers.)

The final issue sent to print/digital subscribers will be the June/July 2013 issue. We plan to close the digital editions of the magazine shortly after that. But for those who enjoy reading the magazine in a digital format, previous issues of Game Developer will also be posted as .PDFs in a special section on GDC Vault, to open this summer.


Game Developer Magazine

jdodson   Admin wrote on 04/18/2013 at 04:31pm

Yeah, many print publications are shutting down to operating costs and such. It is sad. Nintendo Power shut down not too long ago and I was pretty bummed about it.

Awesome they are making all the old issues available for download. I would have bought a Nintendo Power issues pack digitally as PDF's if they did that. Totally worth it for historical radness alone.

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