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Make sure you head out to this years Portland Retro Gaming Expo to check out the amazing convention and stop by this years Cheerful Ghost Booth. This year we've upgraded our booth and it's going to be very special and something you will absolutely need to experience!

For more information about Portland Retro Game Expo including dates, times and pricing check the website link below.

Enough Classic NES Tournaments To Make The World Championships Jealous

This year we are having four classic NES Tournaments (two per day) of some incredible NES classics and the winners of each tournament will walk away with a special prize!

Saturday: Super Mario Brothers Speedrun & Bubble Bobble Score Tournament.

Sunday: Marble Madness & Snake Rattle and Roll.

Head over to the PRGE site for more Tournament details and more information on what you can win!

Create Life With Crescent Loom!

We are going sharing a booth with Wick who will be demoing his amazing new Indie game Crescent Loom.

"Crescent Loom is a game about creating life. Knit bones, stitch muscles, and weave neurons into a biologically-realistic simple creature."

We are working together on a fun new interview with Wick that we will launch on the first day of PRGE so check back at Cheerful Ghost on October 21st to read it when it drops!

Wait, There's VHS Tapes Too?

As if running a tournament and sharing a booth with Wick & Crescent Loom isn't enough we will also be trying our hand at selling VHS Tapes and other random memorabilia. I'm really proud of the VHS collection we will have for sale featuring such classics as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Nightmare on Elm Street, Blackula, Stand by Me on Betamax, The Godfather Collection (partially sealed), The Lost Boys, Conan The Barbarian (sealed), Vertigo, The Abyss, Blade Runner, Alien, Aliens, Point Break and much, much more.

Come for Demolition Man in great condition and stay for our large assortment of Star Wars trilogy sets!

Mmmmm, VHS tapes... Tasty!
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