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Created by jdodson

We are giving away 3 copies of Ben Prunty’s soundtrack to the game StarCrawlers!

This is the complete soundtrack to StarCrawlers. This may be the most complex and ambitious piece of work I've made. There's a lot of detail work and shared motifs between tracks. Can you find them all? Enjoy the glitchy, dirty grooves.

The tracks you need to listen to start with the absolutely rich notes of the title track Crawlers continue to the rhythmic thump of The Fringe migrate next to the ethereal void of Vacuum and land with the dark void sound of Tentacles. Tippity tap the link below to listen to the glitchy grooves on Bandcamp below.

This giveaway is over! Congrats to the winners...
Daniel wrote on 01/16/2017 at 09:00am

Thank you

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 01/24/2017 at 05:03pm

Thanks to everyone that entered and congratulations to the winners!

To redeem your key for StarCrawlers head over the Ben Prunty Bandcamp page:

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