Typically the new games I am the most excited about launching are Triple A studio titles. For many years, to me, they have been the pinnacle of rad. But starting this year that has changed. My most anticipated games coming out this year contain only one large studio title and the rest are from Indie companies.

Since I reject the hipster lifestyle I can attribute this to a shift in gaming at large and my gaming tastes evolving. For the last few years, Triple A titles primarily released on consoles have ruled the roost but this is changing significantly as more great Indie companies release awesome stuff. This stuff isn't just on consoles, its primary release is PC and often tablets and phones. Its a pretty awesome evolution too as the average Indie company can, for the most part, release a game a year while some Triple A titles can be in development for 5 or more.

Plus many of the games just look like fun. And I wanted to share with you what games I am looking forward to being released in 2013. The list I would have written in December is now, much, much larger but if you read the site as much as I do, most of these games won't come off as too much of a surprise. But its fun to collect them all for posterity sake.

  • bit Dungeon II: KintoGames sequel to the horribly addicting browser & iOS Dungeon crawler. From the occasional post on the Kinto blog it looks like BD2 will include co-op, which is a pretty awesome trend in many of the games on my list. Apparently I love playing games with friends or something.

  • Mew-Genics!: Team Meat's next game. They had me at the soundtrack and I have heard through the grapevine they will drop some more meaty news soon. Regardless, I am really excited for Edward McMillens next game.

  • Monster’s Ate My Birthday Cake: This is the first game I ever Kickstarted and I can't wait for this to drop. The visuals, play control and goal of this game really floored me. I like fun puzzle games and I can't wait to play this on my phone and PC. Visuals featured above.

  • Hammerwatch: A retro themed Gauntlet styled hack-n-slash featuring co-op? I can't help but think this game is an answer to my geek prayers. This games pixel art ascetic, concept and dungeon crawling really look quite cool. Can't wait to feed this to my Wizard...

  • Delver’s Drop: Fluid gameplay, built for replayability & awesome graphics mean Kickstarter <3. I hope they blow the door out on their goals so we can get more stuff added to this one.

  • Stardew Valley: Don't judge me for wanting to chop grass and wheat all day. So I like tending livestock and getting all sustainable crops with my farm.. its all good! Add in 4 player co-op... I don't know if ill sleep.

  • Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm: I can't tell a lie. I love Starcraft. Zerg is my most beloved race. I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition. How could I not, its like a game about... Zerg.

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/19/2013 at 03:57pm

I'm with you all over the place here, but I'd add Starbound. So yummy.

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