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Planescape Torment is a really well regarded RPG so when inXile Entertainment announced its successor as a Kickstarter project its no surprise it was funded in hours. In fact it has blown WAY past it $900k goal to land on $2.3 million in backing. If that doesn't bode well for the final product, I don't know what will.

Its awesome to see these kinds of projects being funded so thoroughly as most game studios wouldn't touch it because its not yet another shooter. Kickstarter + the awesome Indie push is really going to create an awesome 2013 in gaming.

Oh right and the Kickstarter video may very well be the best ive seen yet. Funny, quirky, sarcastic and genuine. inXile is a good showcase for how to run a good campaign for shit people love.

Travis   Admin wrote on 03/11/2013 at 01:52am

The description of the game was a little overdramatic, but it looks great.

I keep hearing about how the Kickstarter ship has sailed, but things like this just show that the game isn't over, maybe people are just being more careful about where they want to put their money.

mate211 wrote on 03/11/2013 at 03:30pm

Wasteland 2 than Project eternity and now THIS?! crpgs are back, baby! :)

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