Doom 3 is a game that I happily put on my most loved games list. I have played it through a few times now and every time really enjoy myself. Some people hate on the fact you cant use the flashlight and a fun at the same time. Some people hate on the fact that the game is dark. But both of those things are game mechanics that make the game even more unique and fun for me. For instance, when you are walking through the Mars base and its dark you can either:

A) Keep your shotgun handy and stay "safe" knowing you can shoot zombie heads off.


B) Have your flashlight ready and see whats ahead while not being able to do jack squat when a demon starts throwing fireballs at your face.

Many times I had my flashlight handy and something jumped at me and I frantically switched to a better gun while flailing around with my flashlight trying to stay alive.

Doom 3 also had a really great art style. I don't look at screen shots or boot it up and think its a dated game. It still looks great.

It also had some really cool stuff included like Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3D and the whole locker.

I also really enjoyed the audio and video discs you could find all over Mars base and I listened to them all and thought they really added to the game depth. It was fun to find a new audio diary, flick it on and listen to the audio as I made my way through corpse strewn hallways.

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/23/2012 at 02:26pm

id got a lot of unwarranted flak for this game. It is one of the few games from that era that stands up to the test of time, and you're right, the graphics don't look dated. But I think we've come to a point where graphics won't look dated anymore. I can see hyper-realism coming, probably very soon, but I think in 20 years I could boot up Skyrim, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, or most others this generation and still be wowed by the beauty of the game. The same goes for the (PC) games last generation. Obviously the pixelation of PS2/GC/XBox games from last gen won't hold up, but Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Quake 4, and many others scale up to higher graphics capabilities and will forever look amazing.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/23/2012 at 02:51pm

I think you're right about that.

That said I'm not really eagerly anticipating hyper realism. At least I haven't seen anything yet that excites me about it. Rage and Crysis 2 sure look pretty but that doesn't make them more fun than Secret of Mana.

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/23/2012 at 05:07pm

Agreed. I think too much focus has been given to graphics lately, lengthening development time and allowing other parts of the game to get away with being less polished/fun.

Minato_Namikaze wrote on 06/27/2012 at 03:24am

Anyone up for a co-op game of doom 3 i have skype and teamspeak

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/27/2012 at 03:28am

You know what, I think I am. I need to install it first though.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/27/2012 at 03:52am

Ok its installed up to 1.3.1. Whats your Skype?

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