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"Games with roguelike elements have recently had a large jump in popularity. However, most players find these games hard to get into: they are usually exceedingly complex in UI and game rules. Risk of Rain is an action platformer with roguelike elements aimed to revitalize the genre with stylized graphics and an intuitive gameplay scheme that teaches itself, rather than having to be taught."

Risk of Rain is a new platforming rogue-like on Kickstarter. Unlike other Kickstarter projects they link to a demo you can play. The demo doesn't contain music or sound but that's one of the reasons for the Kickstarter.

The game has an Out of the World vibe to it and I appreciate how simple it is to pick-up. I played as the Commando and had four abilities. The base machine gun attack, a shot gun blast, a duck and roll that can get you out of tight spots and a ultra-machine gun attack. The base attack is always available to you but the others are cool-down abilities. I picked the casual game mode and even as such the game is challenging, which is as one would expect with a rogue-like.

If you are interested in giving Risk of Rain a go, checkout the Kickstarter page and download the demo.