Risk of Rain Kickstarted back in 2013 and at the time I called it "An Interesting New Platformer" and since then Risk of Rain became on of the most popular Indie Rogue-likes and got a sequel that was published by Gearbox. Since then the Risk of Rain devs have sold the IP to Gearbox and have recently dropped the news that Risk of Rain is getting a re-build / re-master / re-release.

"Carefully designed, beautifully remastered, and loaded with new ways to playβ€”Risk of Rain is back and better than ever! This remake of the classic Risk of Rain packs enhanced visuals, an updated codebase, and tons of new content.

No two runs in the iconic roguelike are the same, and that has... Read All

If you only have a handful of time to play video games, Roguelikes offer a pretty good way to go. Don't have time to play some epic sword and magic RPG odyssey? Why not spend 30 minutes on a Binding of Isaac run? Don't have 60 hours for that latest triple A epic? Why not plunk a few minutes on Risk of Rain?

Recently that time has added up as I just unlocked the Engineer and Enforcer in Risk of Rain. I don't mind the Commando(the character you start with) but the game really opens up when you can use a different play style to win. Playing as the Engineer is such a different experience compared to the Commando that I worry some might miss how differently the game feels... Read All

I got the Humble Bundle 13 and it came with a few extra copies of Risk of Rain. Since I can't play 3 copies, I have decided to give them away. Risk of Rain is an awesome indie side scrolling rogue-like that is on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Let me know if you want a copy in the comments and i'll hand them out to the first people that ask.

The Humble InDIE Bundle 13 dropped featuring 4 copies of Risk of Rain, Olli Olli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Tower of Guns, Amnesia a Machine For Pigs, Jazzpunk & Shadowrun Returns if you pay $15. This one also has a special $65 tier that comes with a box, hoodie, patches and cassette tape!

This features the brand new port of Risk of Rain on Mac and Linux as well as all the other games on those ports as well. I was wondering why Risk of Rain didn't drop with Mac and Linux ports on the last update and it dropping in this Bundle makes sense why they waited.

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Risk of Rain is a great indie side scrolling rogue-like that features some really amazing visuals and gameplay. Saturday at PAX Prime my friends in the Portland Indie game community wanted to play a new version of the game and I went with them. They were showing off a build of the game they have yet to release featuring a new character, the Chef. The Chef is a Bender-esque robot that features a special ability that shoots out a bunch of cleavers in every direction. It looks like a cool addition to the game and everyone that played it seemed to really enjoy it.

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It's no secret that the place I spent the most time last year at PAX was the Indie Megabooth. This years line-up looks great and I wanted to share it with everyone planning to go to PAX Prime. A few games I am itching to checkout: Chroma Squad, Hotline Miami 2, A Voyeur for September(I hope this means Mewgenics) & Upsilon Circuit.

If you are planning on attending PAX Prime let me know and let's work out a time to say hi. I have Saturday tickets.

Indie Games featured this year at the Indie Megabooth:

  • Witch Beam – Assault Android Cactus

  • Turtle Sandbox – Cannon Brawl

  • Behold Studios – Chroma Squad

  • The Started Hare – Chromancer

  • Sirvo – Close Castles

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Back this on Kickstarter!
"Games with roguelike elements have recently had a large jump in popularity. However, most players find these games hard to get into: they are usually exceedingly complex in UI and game rules. Risk of Rain is an action platformer with roguelike elements aimed to revitalize the genre with stylized graphics and an intuitive gameplay scheme that teaches itself, rather than having to be taught."

Risk of Rain is a new platforming rogue-like on Kickstarter. Unlike other Kickstarter projects they link to a demo you can play. The demo doesn't contain music or sound but that's one of the reasons for the Kickstarter.

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