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This is a game that I will be talking about for a long time. I was not familiar with the series, and only ended up playing it because a friend badgered me to play it for several years, and I have to say, I am extremely glad I did.

I'd like to start by saying that I am absolutely terrible at stealthy games, and (shame) I did have to play it on the easiest difficulty setting for it to be enjoyable for me. However, it was extremely enjoyable and it is a game that I will be playing and recommending to people for a long time.

The game starts out fairly quickly with about ten minutes of instruction for people who have never played. Right off the bat, you see how much this game relies on stealth. From my experience, this is not at all the kind of game where you can run around guns blazing and accomplish everything you need to. This was a big problem for me in the beginning of the game, because that's normally exactly what i would do in a game like this, but it simply doesn't work.

There is an option to play the game lethal or non lethal, and if you choose the latter, you are provided with more than enough tools to complete the game without killing anyone. On the flip side, you're also given a large variety of lethal weapons that will destroy nearly anyone coming your way, including police robots trained to gun you down with no mercy.
The thing I really enjoyed about this choice is that it was not concrete; if you chose to play non-lethal but you killed someone, you were not penalized for it. You just won't get the "Pacifist" achievement for not killing anyone (except the bosses, there's no choice there.)

Overall, an excellent and well put together game that challenged my mind as well as my skills as a gamer.

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I thought i would touch on this subject since i'm currently playing through the game on N64, and share my opinion on the recent revamp of the classic for the newest Nintendo handheld.

In advance, my opinion is very biased for two reasons. One, i don't own a 3DS and will not buy one simply to play this game. Two, as one or two of you may know, i'm very involved in the collection, preservation, and of course playing of classic console games.

That being said, I think this remake will be pretty freakin cool, because Majora's Mask is one of my all time favorite games. Perhaps not as cool as the original though, because face it, it's the exact same game run through a filter so it's not so blocky. It also doesn't have the "new game" thing going for it in my opinion, but i suppose fourteen years is quite a long time. Long enough that some of the kids playing the 3DS version might not know that this was already a best-selling game on a cartridge based console. The kids playing this game might not have ever even seen a Nintendo 64, which is quite depressing.

Because this was one of the more popular Nintendo 64 games, and one of the higher selling Legend of Zelda games, I clearly see why they would choose to re-release. The game was even given the Game of the Decade award by GameFAQs in 2010. My big question is why did Nintendo choose this game in particular, instead of any of the others? Specifically, why did they pick this over Ocarina of Time, which according to sales charts, sold more than twice as many copies as Majora's Mask. ( for reference)

A few questions to stew on;
Was this the game that Nintendo should have re-made? Should they have gone all the way and re-released it for the WII-U?

and just for kicks, what is your favorite Legend of Zelda game?
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I can't say much about the Call of Duty series, i played it off and on from the beginning but never played it seriously until Black Ops II. However, i've been hooked on Dead Space since the first game, and i believe that the correlation between the two will make a very solid war game, as the guys in the video describe.

Plus the guys who do dead space obviously know what they're doing. I'm pretty sure the only survival horror game that compares to Dead Space would be Resident Evil: Directors Cut for the Playstation. The collaboration between the two should make a terrifyingly realistic war game that portrays the deepness of war while still being an edge of your seat game as the Call of Duty series promises.

I'm not sure how excited i am about how Halo-ish it looks though...

Food for thought.
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