This is a game that I will be talking about for a long time. I was not familiar with the series, and only ended up playing it because a friend badgered me to play it for several years, and I have to say, I am extremely glad I did.

I'd like to start by saying that I am absolutely terrible at stealthy games, and (shame) I did have to play it on the easiest difficulty setting for it to be enjoyable for me. However, it was extremely enjoyable and it is a game that I will be playing and recommending to people for a long time.

The game starts out fairly quickly with about ten minutes of instruction for people who have never played. Right off the bat, you see how much this game relies on stealth. From my experience, this is not at all the kind of game where you can run around guns blazing and accomplish everything you need to. This was a big problem for me in the beginning of the game, because that's normally exactly what i would do in a game like this, but it simply doesn't work.

There is an option to play the game lethal or non lethal, and if you choose the latter, you are provided with more than enough tools to complete the game without killing anyone. On the flip side, you're also given a large variety of lethal weapons that will destroy nearly anyone coming your way, including police robots trained to gun you down with no mercy.
The thing I really enjoyed about this choice is that it was not concrete; if you chose to play non-lethal but you killed someone, you were not penalized for it. You just won't get the "Pacifist" achievement for not killing anyone (except the bosses, there's no choice there.)

Overall, an excellent and well put together game that challenged my mind as well as my skills as a gamer.

Conversation topic: Which ending did you choose?

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/18/2015 at 03:37am

I honestly can't remember which ending I chose. It's been a while. But this was a masterpiece. I loved every minute. Trying to buff up only your stealth skills makes boss fights a pain, so I ended up choosing a balanced half-mayhem, half-stealth approach. I love that it's possible to choose a ton of different ways to complete missions, kill or not kill enemies, and so on.

Zach_Foster   Post Author wrote on 01/18/2015 at 04:24am

I completely agree. Perhaps not the most visually appealing game of its time, but the thought and work that went into making this game so versatile was absolute genius. I really enjoyed the Praxis Point system, and it really makes your brain work knowing that you can't max everything out no matter how hard you try. I think it just adds to the idea that even though the game is a FPS, it requires a huge amount of strategy.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 01/19/2015 at 10:43pm

No shame in playing a game on Easy! Games are meant to be fun. Some people derive fun from progressing through a story, some people through mastering complex gameplay, and even some people from watching others play. As long as you had a good time (which it sounds like you totally did), all is good!

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/20/2015 at 10:11pm

That's always been my view on difficulty level. And it's even different for me from game to game. Super Meat Boy is fun because it's frustrating, but that's not true of all games.

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