Risk of Rain is a great indie side scrolling rogue-like that features some really amazing visuals and gameplay. Saturday at PAX Prime my friends in the Portland Indie game community wanted to play a new version of the game and I went with them. They were showing off a build of the game they have yet to release featuring a new character, the Chef. The Chef is a Bender-esque robot that features a special ability that shoots out a bunch of cleavers in every direction. It looks like a cool addition to the game and everyone that played it seemed to really enjoy it.

I talked to some of the Risk of Rain developers about possible Linux and Mac ports as well as supporting the game in full gamepad mode(currently you need to have a mouse beside you to play it on your couch). Apparently my wildest dreams are coming true in that the huge update they were showing off at PAX would not only contain a Linux & Mac port but also full gamepad support. Risk of Rain is written in Game Maker and they decided to port it to the latest version. Apparently this allowed them to enhance the game and make it run a bit faster and bring these new features to the game.

Blue_Element wrote on 09/01/2014 at 04:05am


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