"We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We would like to inform you that a portion of the online services offered through the Wii console will be discontinued from 28th June 2013. We apologise to those of you currently using these services."

Specifically they are discontinuing:

- Nintendo Channel
- News Channel
- Forecast Channel
- Everybody Votes Channel
- Mii Contest Channel
- Data exchange with Wii Friends via WiiConnect24*

I view modern consoles in the same way I view computers, but it doesn't seem console makers do. The Internet Channel is still available so you can get news and the forecast from that, but its still feels strange Nintendo is shutting this stuff off.\

*edit* added the full list of features to be removed.

CapnCurry   Supporter wrote on 04/15/2013 at 05:27am

Ugh. I hate decisions like this. Either it's a feature that people are still using in large numbers, in which case: continue the damn product. Or it's a feature that people are *not* still using in large numbers, in which case: throw the damn thing on a shared hosting service and downgrade the support to "best effort".

I'm less inspired to upgrade to the Wii U to keep my precious Everybody Votes Channel, and more worried about what I'll *actually* fall in love with on the Wii U that they'll decide isn't worth their time.

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 04/15/2013 at 04:04pm

The Mii Contest and Everybody Votes channels were the only ones I found interesting, and even then it was only for a short time. This is a little more disturbing, and I'm not sure why it was left off the above list:

- Data exchange with Wii Friends via WiiConnect24*

* Exchange of Wii messages on the Wii Message Board, exchange of Mii characters on the Mii Channel and message/data exchange within some games will be disabled.

I still play Animal Crossing City Folk from time to time, and its sad to think that a big dynamic of the game (having friends send you items or messages in the mail, or even come to visit your town) could be eliminated. I know it happens, and it's happened to much more popular games. It would be awesome if there were shared hosting services, or P2P options for this dilemma. Unlikely a solution we will be offered soon...

The problem is the consumer. We make statements with our money, and our money says that we will buy just about anything that falls within a very wide netted parameter. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo... they aren't in any real way convinced that we want anything less than what we are already getting, just dressed in a newer outfit. They'll do what they do, because it makes them happy. Don't like the way things are going? They're response is trending toward (or explicitly stated, in the case of Microsoft) "deal with it". "Uhhh, the future we are planning is out of control, you guys! This is the nature of the thing! We're just trying to do the best we can (i.e. profit) on this crazy ride!"

The other side of that is "stop giving them money."

They pretty much know that isn't going to happen. Consumers aren't that convicted.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/15/2013 at 07:03pm

I think people will handle pain to a certain point. But maybe its a bit more deeply psychological or philosophical in a way. Well economic philosophy :D

If after a few years my console services shut down, my console has little value left then people will value the next round of consoles less(I do). I think it might be less apparent in peoples minds, but they will do things where the value prospect is stronger. And frankly with everyone shutting down console servies (PS3 removing the Linux options, now Wii with this) the idea of a "traditional" console, to me is lessened. I mean, compare it to my XP EeeBox I bought well before my Wii. Can still do everything I did with it the day I bought it today. Console manufacturers don't really see stuff in the same way and its a shame because I believe peoples dollars follow that pattern.

I think this might creep a bit into all the next gen consoles, or at least I think it might. Wii U isn't the only console that will suffer from this generation upgrade apathy. Or at least, thats my guess based on my thoughts now.

Really suck when they turn off the Mario Kart online play.

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