Awesome new Northern Lion with Edmund McMillen about The Binding of Isaac and its upcoming sequel Rebirth.

A few awesome bits:

  • Rebirth is being made by the VVVVVVV guys and is in a very early staged programming wise. The game is being made to work on all manner of handhelds, Steam, Windows and Mac. Edmund really wants to support Linux.

  • Rebirth will include all of the Isaac content and some balancing changes. Many features could not be included in the game due to limitations of Flash and they will be including many of those missing features.

  • Edmund talks about how he feels people should play Isaac by going in blind and experiencing how things work without any kind of guide. He things giving away all the item secrets and formulas is a bad design choice.

  • He is looking forward to a few month period with Rebirth where there is mystery to the game and everyone doesn't know what everything does.

  • Edmund wants to incentivize people moving through the levels quickly with certain rewards.

  • A ton more..

Seems like we have a ways to go for this to finally release, but when it does it will be a day one purchase!