The Binding of Isaac

Released on September 28, 2011 by Edmund McMillen

Developed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl

When Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

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Edmund McMillen is one half of the old Team Meat that made Super Meat Boy and he's recently gone off to work with new teams on projects such as The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, The End is Nigh and now with his brand new Kickstarter project The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. Four Souls is a neat looking group card game where funding it at $25 gets you the base game and upping your pledge gets you more. Not really sure from the video how the game plays but it looks like fun and if it's anything like the base game, it's difficult, dark and features lots of poop and tears. Which, you know, sounds awesome.

Florian Himsl is the incredible other half of the team that brought us the original Binding of Isaac. In a bit of awesome news he is updating the original Wrath of the Lamb update with even more content. Now that The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is out I wasn't expecting more content for the original, but I can't say I mind it!

This is one part of Indie Game Development I appreciate as it's fairly rare for this to happen on the other side of the house.

The folks that made Indie Game: The Movie have released this excerpt from the special edition focusing on Edmund and The Binding of Issac. It's a really great 30 minute doc short on why Edmund decided to make the game and it getting huge in the YouTube Let's Play community.

I really appreciate Edmund's honesty and his though process that went into making this really compelling game. It surprised me to learn that the game only took 3 months start to finish.

I think if the Indie Game: The Movie people keep interviewing and releasing indie game videos the universe would be a little bit better for it.

Awesome new Northern Lion with Edmund McMillen about The Binding of Isaac and its upcoming sequel Rebirth.

A few awesome bits:

  • Rebirth is being made by the VVVVVVV guys and is in a very early staged programming wise. The game is being made to work on all manner of handhelds, Steam, Windows and Mac. Edmund really wants to support Linux.

  • Rebirth will include all of the Isaac content and some balancing changes. Many features could not be included in the game due to limitations of Flash and they will be including many of those missing features.

  • Edmund talks about how he feels people should play Isaac by going in blind and experiencing how things work without any kind of... Read All

Hey guys.

Me and some of my goofball friends will be live streaming some Binding of Isaac tonight at 9PM pacific. Come join us!

Here goes! I'm trying to come at this from a "how to" or "guide" angle because I feel like my 360 hours of this game should be good for something. Let me know what you think.
Edmund McMillen of the Super Meat Boy & Binding of Isaac fame dropped some news on The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Recently he had a Formsping Q&A on his blog and you needed to be made aware of the details. Your welcome in advance.

"-Rebirth is a totally remade game based on the flash version of the binding of isaac + wrath of the lamb.

-The game is being produced and developed by Nicalis, the guys who did all the cave story remakes and the VVVVVV port.

-Nicalis is working on the port for Ps3/Vita and PC (steam) and is also currently talking to MS and Nintendo about releasing on their platforms. we are also looking into an iOS version if its not garbage.

-The remake... Read All
Bought this game a few months back and have played much more recently. The unforgiving game play of the first few play throughts didn't win me over. I loved the art style and game tone but the lack of save really hampered me on it.

Started it up again recently and immediately unlocked the Magdaline character. I played through as Magdaline and did much better than I had previously. The play control is the same, but Magdaline starts with a Heart item that allows you to recover one heart every so often. After a bit the play control seemed to gel more and I did much better. Still lost but I went further in the dungeon and it didn't seem like a complete annihlation.

That or I... Read All
I saw this game as I was making my way through some video game conversation. A few words stuck to me "zelda rouge-like" and "disturbing." I was interested in both topics because I don't hear about many disturbing games these days. I had also heard the game had some religious overtones and it was released by some Indie developers. So I checked out a demo.

First off I think it warrants mentioning I don't like games that are very hard. Since this game is a rogue-like expect that you will die. A lot. Basically you need to crawl X amount of dungeons to go head-to-head with Mom, beat her and win the game.

After playing a few days in a row I never got further than floor 4.

I... Read All