Sean Hogan one half of the awesome duo that brought us Anodyne recently posed a question on Steam I thought was pretty interesting in regard to adding a fairly simple level editor to Anodyne.

"Would anyone be interested in this?

The thing is, Anodyne wasn't coded with it in mind, so it might be hard to pull off. But if I did, it would be pretty basic:

- No doors between different maps. Maybe doors in the same map.
- No NPCs or dialogue (possibly the rocks with a single "chunk" of dialogue)
- One and song per map.
- Maybe bosses.
- Likely most enemies/dungeon things

I am totally down for this idea. I really enjoyed plunking out a few maps in Portal 2 and loved the process. Would you be interested in seeing a simple Anodyne level editor? Sound off on the Steam community thread: