ConcernedApe just posted a pretty lengthy update about changes he recently made to the upcoming, Stardew Valley.

"I’ve been doing a big “month and a half of graphics”, and I’m finally about done with it. A lot of what I’ve been doing has involved redrawing or touching up older sprites that I wasn’t happy with. The old stuff was passable, but I am so much happier with the new, and I think it really does help breathe life into the valley. It’s funny how a seemingly trivial graphical detail can excite the imagination and evoke a sudden thrill, drawing you into the game world on a much deeper level."

The new art looks very good and I urge you to head over to the blog and read over the recent game changes. The new style has a really unique feel and is very pretty.

No word on when this game will be released, but when the news drops I will let you know.