Mercenary Kings is a neat looking Metal Slug styled shooter that was funded on Kickstart last year I totally missed. The game is being made by Tribute, the awesome team that brought us Wizorb and is currently in the closed Steam beta for Kickstarter backers.

The video above shows off the shooting, missions and crafting that makes Mercenary Kings unique. The game also boasts 4 player local co-op something I plan on trying out with my friends.

If you played Metal Slug in the arcade, like me, you might love this franchise. The last new Metal Slug was in 2009 and it seems that now its just re-released on systems in various forms. I picked it up the Metal Slug anthology on the Wii and whereas the games are awesome, the translation and controls were not. Getting a __GREAT__ version of this awesome style of game on PC is very interesting to me.

According to Tribute, the game will initially come to PC followed by a Mac and Ouya port. They did say that a Linux port is possible and would be released on Steam if it was made.

When a formal release date is announced, I will let you know.