I picked up the Steam early access of Mercenary Kings last week and have been very happy with Tribute Games latest shoot fest. Since the game is an early access release it lacks some of the features and polish that it will showcase when it reaches its final launch. That said, the game is very playable and very fun.

Mercenary Kings is a 2D side-scrolling shooter in the style of Metal Slug. You start at your home base and from there can go on missions, craft guns, purchase items, form multi-player teams and more. The aspects of the early access version that shine for me are the gun crafting and missions.

During each mission you kill a swath of bad guys. Randomly these bad... Read All

"The Mercenary Kings have been activated... Early! On July 22nd, get the game on Steam Early Access! Help the mission by giving us your intel before the official release! Enter the fray as the most skilled mercenaries on Earth! Craft your arsenal to avenge your fallen comrades and save the world from the fearsome forces of CLAW.

Available July 22nd on Steam Early Access at 25% off!

I am very excited to hear that Mercenary Kings will be released July 22nd on Steam Early Access. Everyone that missed the Kickstarter but wanted to check this game will be able to this month! If you are going to pick it up on the Steam Early Access launch, I have created a Cheerful Ghost... Read All

Mercenary Kings is a neat looking Metal Slug styled shooter that was funded on Kickstart last year I totally missed. The game is being made by Tribute, the awesome team that brought us Wizorb and is currently in the closed Steam beta for Kickstarter backers.

The video above shows off the shooting, missions and crafting that makes Mercenary Kings unique. The game also boasts 4 player local co-op something I plan on trying out with my friends.

If you played Metal Slug in the arcade, like me, you might love this franchise. The last new Metal Slug was in 2009 and it seems that now its just re-released on systems in various forms. I picked it up the Metal Slug anthology on... Read All