After reading caffo's post about Gunpoint a few weeks ago I waited for the final release and then noticed there was a demo available to try. Gunpoint is a 2D stealth based action game where you play a secret agent of sorts that goes on missions of increasing degrees of difficulty. A game I have played recently that it feels like is U R Not A Hero but Gunpoint doesn't feature a frenzy of gunplay.

The game has a interesting story that you experience through reading messages sent to your phone. When you first start the game you are seemingly thrown from a window and land on the ground and are immediately called by someone in a building. She is murdered while you are making your way to the top of the building to talk to her. As you flee the scene you are contacted by someone that wants to help you by having you wipe information from servers that link you to the crime.

I played through the demo and at no point did the character I play shoot anyone, which was refreshing. To accomplish missions you have a pretty wide jump, climb buildings and cling to walls to make your way through each building. Each building has security guards and you can use a few tactics to take them out so you can find computer terminals to hack. To take out a security guard you have to jump on them and punch them once to knock them out. The game features a fun sense of humor and after I repeatedly punched a security guard in the face over a hundred times it started mocking me and counting the number of times I had punched him. These bits of humor are sprinkled through the game and its story line and offer a really fun style to the game.

If you are interested in Gunpoint there is no reason not to check it out as the demo is available for download on Steam right now!