After reading caffo's post about Gunpoint a few weeks ago I waited for the final release and then noticed there was a demo available to try. Gunpoint is a 2D stealth based action game where you play a secret agent of sorts that goes on missions of increasing degrees of difficulty. A game I have played recently that it feels like is U R Not A Hero but Gunpoint doesn't feature a frenzy of gunplay.

The game has a interesting story that you experience through reading messages sent to your phone. When you first start the game you are seemingly thrown from a window and land on the ground and are immediately called by someone in a building. She is murdered while you are... Read All

Just played the demo and really liked it so far. Soundtrack is amazing too. It's available for pre-order on steam.

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Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch


Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch

Seems simple enough. 🤣

Check Out the Trailer for the Monster Hunter Movie

Release date: 12/30/20 (via Google search)