Andrew Spinks recently gave an interview to the Terrarian Times, a news letter made by the Terraria community. On the question of the future of the game, Andrew had this to say:

"Following 1.2 I am wanting to do more frequent smaller updates until I am ready to move forward to my next project (Yes, Terraria 2). At that time I would definitely be open to the idea of hiring a small team to keep Terraria alive and kicking until T2 is ready.

Due to the current condition of Terraria there are a lot of things I cannot do that I will be bringing to Terraria 2. You can expect bigger and more diverse worlds, deeper rpg elements such as leveling, classes, skill trees, and a world full of life that is constantly changing based on your decisions. The world will change with or without you, but you will be the deciding factor. I have learned a lot from Terraria and I feel capable of doing something bigger and more ambitious.

It makes sense that he will focus on updating Terraria with as much content as it will allow then focus on Terraria 2 for new sweeping changes. The interview talks a bit about the upcoming 1.2 update and how Demilogic is hiring more developers and artists.

Read the whole interview here:

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/12/2013 at 03:38am


jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/12/2013 at 04:50am

Yeah, right I know. I was really excited to hear this too.

I kind of think Terraria is nearly perfect. It needs more content sure, but honestly its pretty perfect in its simplicity. I am glad they are just adding items, bosses and biomes and refining the UI. Now if they would just port it to Mac and Linux... That sort of seems unlikely though.

Blue_Element wrote on 07/12/2013 at 06:08pm

That sounds awesome! Hopefully they decide to port Terraria 2 to Mac. :/

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 01/25/2014 at 06:00am

Oh, yes, please release Terraria 2 already, that would be oh so perfect right now! =) I'm looking forward to seeing more about this sequel. Thanks for the post!

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