Its no secret that I love FTL. I am not sure I have been as proud of completing a game as when CapnCurry and I beat it in a FTL pairing session. One aspect of FTL I really love is Ben Prunty's score. Its a really great album to put on while I am surfing the web or reading. Recently Ben posted about his thoughts on a few of tracks in the FTL score. He talks about "Space Cruise" (the song featured above) and a few other iconic tracks from the score.

On "Space Cruise"

"This is a very simple three-chord progression that was the very first thing I wrote for FTL. I was trying to prove to the guys at Subset Games that I could make something fun and breezy, but also not overly saccharine. Sometimes it has more minor chords mixed in. I think the name ‘Space Cruise’ really sums up the feeling of it. Since Space Cruise shows up at the title screen, many people will decide that this is the ‘main theme’. I see all three of the major motifs I list here as equally valid main themes, and honestly it’s up to you as to which one resonates the most."

Ben includes some staff music for reference as well. If you are interesting in reading more about Ben's thoughts on the FTL score, check them out here:

If you are interested in our FTL pairing session, read more: