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"We want to create a game where you manage a sentai tv studio, hire actors, record episodes and use awesome special effects!

Chroma Squad: sentai heroes, manager, tactical turn-based, meta-game, pixel art fun! Everything you want in a fresh indie game! In this game you become responsible for managing and recording episodes for a sentai TV show.

So, what is Sentai? Our game is based on 90′s Tokusatsu TV series, like “Power Rangers”, “Changeman” or… “Captain Planet And The Planeteers”. Yep, any group of 3 or 5, each with different powers, whose union makes a special weapon appear to defeat their enemies. In this case, Captain Planet himself. =)

It's a great thing that Indie Developers can explore awesome genres like this. I wouldn't expect a sim game where you control a TV studio making a Power Rangers like show to come from a big studio so it's great smaller scale developers can create them.

Behold Studios has already funded the project and is strongly moving to the stretch goals. If you want in on this Kickstarter, head over and check it out. While you are doing that vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/07/2013 at 08:40pm

This is surprisingly awesome. Like, I wouldn't expect to ever want a game like this, but I totally do.

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