Jens Matthies of Machinegames gave a pretty interesting interview at QuakeCon about the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. The video showcases some of the stuff we can expect from the game. Some of the video footage shows off BJ scaling a wall to the top of a building one hand on a rope while the other is spent killin' Nazis. As BJ scales the building a plane epically crashes into it and since nothing seems to stop him, he just keeps climbing.

The video also shows off a cool new stealth takedown mechanic new to Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein: The New Order will allow both a run and gun and stealth style of gameplay.

The difficulty modes in The New Order will mirror those in Wolfenstein 3D. So get ready to select from "Can I play, Daddy?", "Don't hurt me.", "Bring 'em on!" or "I am Death incarnate!" It seems many people really enjoyed the challenging 1999 mode in BioShock Infinite so heres to hoping "I am Death incarnate!" ups the ante!

As to the million dollar question of if Hitler will make an appearance Jens noted that "Hitler is not in this game.... That's all i'll say on this topic I think." I wonder if that means there will be a sequel or DLC or Hitler's head on a robot as with Wolfenstein 3D?

I am a huge fan of Wolfenstein and can't wait for Machinegames epic take on this universe to drop in 2014. Are you interested in killing some Nazis or will you skip this one?