Plants vz. Zombies 2 It's About Time has just dropped on iPhone and iPad today and it costs nothing. After playing a few missions I can say that it is quite a bit of fun and well worth downloading. There are a few changes to the game, but it contains the same core PvZ action I have come to love.

Since the game is a free release on iOS it has a built in store to purchase upgrades. With only a few levels under my belt I haven't had to need to purchase anything. The game contains an overworld map similarly to Candy Crush Saga and its a nice touch.

The game starts you out around the house you played the majority of the first game from. Crazy Dave shows up with a time machine and hijinks ensue. He takes you back in time in a mission to get a taco he just ate from himself to eat it again. Due to a mis-calculation you arrive in ancient Egypt and it seems to be over run with Zombies.

The start of ancient Egypt acts like a tutorial acclimating you to the new boosts and upgrades you can use on your plants. I am not sure if everything in the game can be unlocked by playing it or if you have to pay to unlock everything. I'll do a deeper review of the game later to cover all that as I play it more.

The graphics have been updated with the plants and zombie animations. It took a bit of getting used to and I think it is a pretty nice improvement. My only gripe with the first Plants VS Zombies game was that is was way too easy. I imagine they will ramp things up to encourage people to buy boosts and items so I may very well get my wish for a much more challenging game.

If you have an iPhone and some free space for a game no reason not to download it and kill some Zombies with Crazy Dave. Plus, I am dying to know if he can eat his taco again.