Prison Architect is a prison simulator from Introversion Software, the creators of Uplink and Darwinia. In the recent video for Alpha 13, producer Mike Morris and designer Chris Delay show off the new prisoner escape tunnel mechanic. The video illustrates how your prisoners can appear to be asleep but can actually be creating tunnels to escape. The game even allows the prisoners to build off each others tunnels to escape. Currently, you can detect a tunnel by searching each cell but they plan on adding search dogs to detect break out attempts as well as prisoner contraband.

Alpha 13 brings another interesting feature in that you can set your prisons policy. You can set up what happens when a prisoner complains, attacks another prisoner, murders someone or is caught with weapons, tools or drugs. Introversion wants people to be able to design a prison that is a liberal paradise or right wing hell hole and this policy addition allows you to do that.

The game looks incredible and is currently marked down on Steam to $17.99, so why not pick it up?